Finally an opportunity to live pain and symptom free of Endometriosis!

Introducing the....

It's a strategy I developed over the last 5 years, which now allows me and 1000's of other women, to live pain and symptom free lives. It is based on solid principles of Natural Medicine.

I would like to share it with you, along with some other important information.

I will show you:

  • What treating the body holistically really means and how it works at healing the body.
  • The 5 key elements we need to really feel well and balanced and how missing any one of them makes a big difference. 
  • Some extra give-aways to help you to get started on using a natural approach for managing endometriosis.  

My Endometriosis journey began the same way almost every women's journey with this condition begins.... in a hospital bed, staring down at her abdomen in complete disbelief that she now has Endometriosis, which can affect every aspect of her life. 

The difference for me, is that my Endometriosis journey has ended with a body that no longer screams in pain and a life mission to change the world for 1000's of women with Endometriosis. 

I am sharing my story with you, to empower you and to give you hope.

I encourage you to grab it with both hands and explore a new approach.

Big hugs and healing,

The REACH Technique© revealed:

Here is an interview done with Audrey Michel where I share more about my REACH Technique©:

Got questions about REACH©? 

Isn't this just a healthy diet?

There are so many degree’s of eating a healthy diet. It depends on your source of information. Sadly, many people are completely misinformed about what a healthy diet is and believe in false information from the internet, TV or magazines. Truly nourishing the body requires a deeper knowledge of food and how it functions within the body. The REPLENISH part of the REACH Technique© is about truly replenishing the body with all the vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids, anti-oxidants and various other chemical components that it needs to truly feel well again. We want to replenish what is likely to be deficient in your body and that requires a deeper understanding of nutrition.

Can't I just follow the Endo Diet?

The Endo Diet is a great first step in managing endometriosis. In my experience, most women focus solely on eliminating a bunch of foods and fail to focus on how to really replenish what their bodies may be lacking from a nutritional viewpoint. Though I do agree with many of the recommendations made within the Endo Diet, we do need to also consider that many women with endometriosis are largely deficient in many vital minerals and vitamins and that foods provide us with the best sources of these.

What do you mean by using food as medicine?

When the role of medicine was first established by Hippocrates, he focused on using foods as a source of medicine. The idea is that foods provide the “fuel” for our bodies. It is where we get all our building blocks from. We can choose building blocks that provide more stability and health for the body. There are foods which exist which are also “super” building blocks and give our bodies an extra boost – kinda like rocket fuel!

I am already doing so many of the things you are suggesting and it isn't working!

That is so wonderful to hear as I am sure you do feel better for making those choices. The reason I developed the REACH Technique© is because I also experienced changes by changing my diet and exercising but I failed to look beyond those first two steps and many women do. The biggest shifts happen when we confront emotional connections and also moving out toxins held within the body. A simple juice fast or bowel cleanse will seldom be able to provide real shifts. The Endo Wellness Technique Program gives you the detail you may be needing for yourself at this stage of your journey.

Why did you create this?

My goal is to transform the lives of 1 million women with endometriosis around the world. I learned through experience that diet and exercise was simply not enough to give women any real relief. The REACH Technique© was born out of a need to define naturopathy in a more simplified concrete explanation.

Want to try it with me?


The Kickstarter program is our FREE program designed to help you get started on using the REACH Technique© in managing endometriosis. You'll be given three things to implement for each lesson to get you started on how to use a natural approach to get you healing naturally. The is a total of 6 lesson with the last lesson giving you some natural supplement ideas to try.

Once you enrol in the Kickstarter program, you will also gain access to the Endo Empowered Community. You will find a whole bunch of other free resources to explore, along with our popular Endo Empowered Community Sisters support group and newsletter. 


The Endo Wellness Technique Program is our year-long online program. It gives you everything you need to know from proper nutrition, how to exercise, how to clear emotional pain and how to effectively cleanse toxins from your body and also provides the emotional support needed when coping with endometriosis. It is everything you need to know on how to manage endometriosis successfully using the REACH Technique© principles and what I have used to get pain and symptom free. 

The Endo Wellness Technique Program is limited to enrolments at certain times of the year. You can register your interest by clicking the button below.